About Snowton Saje

Snowton Saje is a legal practice born out of a conviction about what business clients deserve from their legal advisors and representatives, namely;

  • Committed, switched on and passionate professionals;
  • Approachable, relational operators who take a holistic interest in their needs, who'll go hard for the cause and whose contribution provides a critical advantage;
  • Timely, reliable, insightful and practical advice.

Enhanced Business Outcomes

Whether you're buying or selling, supplying or manufacturing, trading or transacting; laws and regulation apply across the entire sphere of business. Law and regulation create rights and risks, impose liability and compliance obligations, limit entitlements, confer privileges, present challenges and opportunities and can potentially affect productivity, performance, profit and the pursuit of your business objectives.

Access our expertise to avoid protracted disputes, secure preferred outcomes, advance business interests, preserve or increase value, add depth to decision making, potency to dealings with competitors and trading partners and to better manage business risks and threats across all sectors.

Rawle Watson-Jones

Snowton Saje Principal and Founder

Rawle Watson-Jones

Whilst it could be said that Rawle is an astute and accomplished commercial lawyer with extensive experience in a range of litigious and non-litigious contexts, we've kept that for the fine print.1

Rather than regarding his clients as "revenue streams" Rawle is driven by a service ethic, genuine interest in his clients and their enterprises and confidence that his involvement either advising or representing them will invariably result in better outcomes.

Beyond his technical expertise, Rawle is an engaging and dynamic personality with a vision of Snowton Saje forging long term partnerships with businesses and assisting them along a trajectory to success.

Notable outcomes brokered by Rawle


  • Forced part payment of a multi-million dollar indemnity whilst resisting the insurer's requirement for a release from further liability for the balance of the indemnity.

Trade Practices

  • Limited a company's loss arising from a broker's and/or underwriter's misrepresentations as to the extent of cover under an insurance policy.
  • Resisted a nominee purchaser's claims of false and misleading statements about the expected profitability of the $15m hotel it acquired.


  • Stewarded a listed public company through an ASIC investigation into market manipulation and non-disclosure of directors' interests.
  • Contained the scope of questioning of officers and employees of an Australian airline in Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Australian Federal Police investigations into inducement of Commonwealth officials.


  • Resisted proceedings seeking orders for forfeiture of shares held by Taiwanese investors with substantial holdings in a listed Australian Pharmaceutical company.
  • Restored functionality to a company's board after deadlock amongst directors threatened to cripple it then resisted the minority shareholder's attempts to wind up the company via Federal Court oppression proceedings.

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Rawle Watson-Jones

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